The Palmier Foundation continues to support the Asian Christian Academy.

Boston, Massachusetts, December 30, 2015– Daniel Palmier, Director of the Palmier Foundation has announced $250,000 in donations to the Asian Christian Academy (ACA) as part of his continuing commitment to the organization.

Providing ongoing support to the ACA is part of the expanded efforts of Daniel Palmier, working with Neill Faucett, to continue the work of the ACA in India.

“The generous ongoing support of the Palmier Foundation has enabled us to focus our efforts on providing medical services to the poor in India through our 30 bed hospital and additional services to our orphanage (40% of the poor in the world reside in India). Additionally, ACA spreads the gospel throughout the region including India, Nepal and Africa through its seminary graduates and its church planting efforts.  Without the support of the Palmier Foundation, ACA could not continue this valuable work.” Neill Faucett – Director, Asian Christian Academy

The Asian Christian Academy’s social programs include: the House of Joy, a home for destitute children which currently shelters, clothes and feeds 35 students in a holistic Christian living environment; the Asian Christian High School – an accredited Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) school for students, grades K–10 where students from the rural villages of India receive a quality Christian-focused education, and Agape Hospital, a low or no-cost clinic for residents of the hundreds of villages in Bangalore where, in addition to state-of-the-art medical treatments, patients receive Christian counsel. More information about the Asian Christian Academy can be found here.

Agencies also benefitting from the Palmier Foundation’s recent sizeable donations are the Notre Dame Haiti Program, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, the Kelly Cares Foundation, Newton Country Day School, and the Wounded Warriors Project.

The Palmier Foundation’s mission statement is to acquire and grow resources to assist those in local and global communities to attain a better quality of life. Underpinned by Christian values, the Palmier Foundation works on the principle that giving back to the community is an obligation which, benefits all those who participate. 

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